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About Me

John Mackenzie

For more than a decade Alpha Pest Management has been offering professional structural pest management services exclusively to residents of the Pender Islands, located in the beautiful Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada (aren't we lucky!).

Owner and operator of APM, John Mackenzie, who lives on Pender Island full time, has a degree in Biology from the University of British Columbia and a Masters Degree in Pest Management from Simon Fraser University.

With many years of practical on-site experience to complement his professional training, John is ready to diagnose and plan an integrated management program to apply to your pest problem.

Hundreds of satisfied clients have been served on the Pender Islands since 2001. 

Government certified and licensed.


Contact Information:

2704 Brigadoon Crescent

Pender Island, B.C. Canada  V0N 2M2

250 629-9963

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